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Hou-Hou! Qu’as-tu mangé ma chouette?

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  • Type d’atelierÉcole
  • LivraisonVirtuel
  • Atelier disponible enAlberta
  • Ages/Années3e année, 4e année, 5e année, 6e année
  • Prix $235.00

Experience being a real-life biologist! Use an integrated STEM approach to investigate the diet of an owl and estimate the prey number and type. Dissect an owl pellet, sort and identify bones. Opportunities pre- and post-workshop to enhance your student’s literacy, numeracy and visual arts activities by integrating owl pellet dissection and analysis into your program.

“The workshops are always so engaging and provide a hands-on learning experience. Even with the pandemic, Scientists in School delivered a safe, exciting and informative session. They were so adaptable and flexible. Can’t wait to book again next year!”

– Grade 5 Teacher

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